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Jogging Trail

Because it has been introduced in the same town-sponsored open house discussions, as well as in Letters to the Editor in the Weston Forum, we also wanted to address how we might better connect the schools and School Road to the town center in the new village district: we propose that local arborists, from Weston and neighboring towns, be approached about contributing to the underwriting of a natural (walking, biking, jogging, fitness, etc.) path.

Those businesses presently have to pay to dump woodchips for three of the four seasons that chips are not in consumer demand. We can designate a specific path, along which wood chips from trees native to the region can be dumped. The arborists benefit from not having to pay to haul and dump their chips at landfills or elsewhere and the town benefits from an environmentally-friendly solution. We also recommend that the bus depot be relocated to the site presently occupied by the Department of Public Works on Old Hyde Road and immediately behind and adjacent to the Weston Middle School.

Doing so will alleviate the traffic in the downtown area and re-distribute the congestion so that there are several points of egress for busses (two ends of School Road and multiple points from Old Hyde Road). The town will also then have the old bus depot space and strip along Weston Road available.

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