weston village district plan




The Weston Village District Coalition believes that designating a small and distinct area of town should be defined as our "village district." Within this district, all local government, religious, residential and commercial buildings, structures and properties should be multi-zoned, empowering Planning and Zoning with narrowly-tailored parameters in which to both protect our unique character, while guiding our growth and maturation.

By implementing this plan, homeowners inside the defined area benefit almost instantly. They are under no obligation to sell their homes to developers, the town or anyone else, but the value of their home is inarguably raised. They can choose to remain, as-is, or sell when-ready, at a much higher rate than they would do otherwise. Similarly, property owned by religious institutions in the district - be it extra land, or dated housing - too increases in value exponentially.

Once created, the village district will rely on the continued participation and general involvement from our citizens in much the same way that recent town meetings have done. For instance, a long-held request for a sidewalk system in our downtown area could finally be implemented by requiring that any commercial development include them, along with appropriate landscaping, much as neighboring towns have done.Implementing this proposal will also enable our zoning officials to require that development be performed in manner in which we deem appropriate. The look and feel of our town will be preserved, while new businesses will result in an increase in tax revenue. If we decided that all new commercial construction should use similar design aesthetics to Weston Center, for example.

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